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Multimedia Projectors
We exclusively deals with Vivitek Brand
We offer extensive multimedia projectors for data, education, large venue, home & cinema etc with technology based on DLP, LED. We serve our client with other reputed Multi-Brand projectors by evaluating purpose and client demands along with suitable type of screens and fixtures, integrating with quality assured cables
Sriz goal is a commitment to delivering high-quality products to the marketplace that meet customer demand as well as to provide high-level satisfaction and enjoyment.
A diversified, well-trained and motivated talent pool works cohesively to deliver solutions based around a mature global delivery model to clients across
About Vivitek
Vivitek is a leading manufacturer of award winning digital projection and display devices incorporating the latest innovations and technologies. Vivitek was the first to launch a full high-definition LED home cinema projector and was among the first to offer Full HD projectors to the mass market consumer, as well as 3D-ready digital projectors featuring DLP link from Texas Instruments.
Vivitek believes in the active responsibility in both its manufacturing and business processes and programs. All products have an ecology-conscious design, such as lead-free soldering, intelligent cooling systems and high-efficiency power systems and are manufactured in "green" factories. Vivitek is a part of the most renowned electronics manufacturer in the world and brings products to the market that are built on having years of rich experience in designing, manufacturing and engineering. The vast engineering know-how that is behind Vivitek supports its objective to position itself as a global technology leader in the projector worldwide business.
Vivitek products are sold worldwide through authorized dealers, distributors, resellers, retailers and system integrators. The company manufactures a variety of single-chip, dual-lamp, and 3-chip digital projectors, as well as lamp-free, LED models.
Vivitek products are sold through authorized dealers, distributors, retailers and system integrators only. Vivitek customer footprint spans across verticals like: Education, Multimedia & Entertainment, Office, Home, Public Sector and Independent Vendors.
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