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Office and Home Automation Solutions
Office and Home Automation solutions for Homes, Hotels, Buildings and Corporate Offices with a focus on innovation, creativity and knowledge creation to demonstrate the ability to be innovative and responsive to the rapid changes in the life style and market place to customer needs at affordable and intelligent innovations to smart and elegant living spaces.
Office automation refers to the application of computer and communication technology to office functions. Office automation systems are meant to improve the productivity of managers at various levels of management by providing secretarial assistance and better communication facilities.
Office automation system is the combination of hardware, software and people in information system that process office transactions and support office activities at all levels of the organization. These systems include a wide range of support facilities, which include word processing, electronic filing, electronic mail, message switching, data storage, data and voice communications, etc.
Automated office systems represent structured methods of handling business text processing and communications through an integrated network that may include word processing for generating correspondence, electronic message systems for person-to-person communication, teleconferencing services, facsimile transmission, electronic filing systems, on-line calendar systems, and links to corporate files and outside services. In the automated office, not only will office work be performed more efficiently, but the concept of office work itself will be altered. The greatest potential of office automation is not expected to be from the improvement of clerical and administrative tasks, but from the ability of managers to gain increased control over their operations.
The term "office automation" is generally considered to refer to the use of integrated computer and communications systems to support administrative procedures in an office environment. Two major factors motivate business organizations to consider automated office systems. The first is a critical need to improve the productivity of both clerical and managerial office employees. While office costs have doubled in the last ten years, office productivity has risen only half of it. The size of the office work force is expected to double. It has been estimated that up to 95 percent of a manager's time is spent in written and verbal communication, much of which could be affected by office automation. The second reason for interest in office automation is the increasing complexity of organizational decision- making and information needs.
The more traditional forms of communication such as telephone, mail, and person-to-person meetings may be ineffective for processing large volumes of information rapidly. In the future, this technology may be the only feasible way to deal with information processing in increasingly complex and rapidly changing organizational environments.
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